Terms and Conditions of Use

Please read this entire document carefully. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of this site please exit this site. By starting and continuing service provided by The UnLimited Fone you agree to the terms and conditions and will abide by service limitations. The UnLimited Fone does not guaranty that our service will not have interruptions, or will work at all times. Examples of issues that disrupt service are; service may be interrupted or limited for any one or combination of reasons, including environmental conditions, system capacity, interference by unknown entities, priority access in the event of a disaster or emergency, limitations of any network and carriers. There may be gaps in service within the service area, shown on coverage maps, which by their nature are only approximations of actual coverage. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE YOU, OR ANY USER OF YOUR PHONE UNITERRUPTED SERVICE AND OR COVERAGE. WE CANNOT ASSURE YOU THAT IF A CALL IS PLACED TO AN EMERGENCY NUMBER (911 OR OTHERWISE) THAT THE CALL WILL BE COMPLETED OR THAT THIS CALLER WILL RECEIVE EMERGENCY HELP. The UnLimited Fone provides a wireless service intended for personal usage. With our unlimited product we reserve the right to monitor your account for over or excessive usage of all voice calls, sms and data usage. This product is not to be used as a commercial tool to perform monitoring services, data transmission, interconnection to other wireless providers, telemarketing, webcam posts, and other commercial uses that may affect the usage of others users. The UnLimited Fone should only be used in conservations between two people. No broadcast of auto calls, text messages, etc. The Unlimited Fone reserves the rights to terminate your account if voice calls, data or sms reach in access of our customer averages and or the averages of similar products. The Unlimited Fone may not allow connectivity to certain numbers (e.g. 976, 900 and/or international destinations). The Unlimtied Fone may use refurbished handsets and other equipment. As we try to remove all content we are not liable for names, numbers, messages, pictures, media audio that may be found in said equipment and/or that may be found offensive. We make no warranty, express or implied of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, suitability performance regarding our service or any goods, and are in no event liable, whether or not due to our own negligence, for any act by a third party; mistakes, omissions, interruptions, errors, failures or delay in connecting a call to 911 or any emergency service. Our entire liability to you for failure of service will be limited solely to the value of the service last purchased. It is agreed that we and you will settle any disputes by means of arbitration, by a licensed arbitrator in The State of Georgia, County of Gwinnett and not in a court suit. It is also agreed that each incident will be treated as an individual incident and will not be combined as a class action. To initiate arbitration,, you and we agree to follow the AAA rules, which are available at www.adr.org.
For port eligibilty qualifications all accounts must be active for over 30 days and not have an outstanding balance.
If you wish to contact us or send notice you may write to us at support@theunlimitedfone.com.